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Hybrid systems are usually a combination of photovoltaics with wind turbines and/or generators running on diesel or biofuels. Power generated by the PV array during the day is stored in the battery bank through an energy manager, which controls the complete system.

S4E Hybrid systems make optimal use of sunlight and wind speeds - the two main resources readily available in the South Asian sub-continent and especially in our country. When the solar resource is low during the monsoon, the wind is quite strong and vice versa. The resultant hybrid system thus offers an optimal solution at a substantially lower cost. It is ideal for electrification of remote villages in India.

S4E is equipped to offer reliable off-grid and hybrid solutions for all energy needs for telecom connectivity, especially rural connectivity, where powering critical loads are often a challenge. Diesel generators are expensive to run, and may also require frequent maintenance support. A judicious mix of solar and other renewable technologies, coupled with a diesel generator / grid, can offer a techno-commercially viable solution that will power the backbone of rural connectivity.