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Our state-of-the-art products, designs and installation system promote the use of solar energy, reduce harmful emissions to the environment and boost the system efficiency.

We work with all of the world's leading SPV Cells, panels and component manufacturers to ensure optimum quality. In an effort to provide customers with the most suitable components for their particular needs, we install products based on the specific demands of the project, not supplier relationships.

S4E offers a wide range of products, which bring a market-oriented and sustainable response to the challenges of the global renewable energy demands. Our integrated manufacturing lines produce solar cells at lowest cost/MW. We have a fully-automated inline plant for solar cells production starting from the raw wafer material until the sorted cells. This approach results in higher process yields, reduction in operator headcount, considerable reduction of the required floor space, higher product quality, increased uptime and a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The demands for clean power are increasing; the solar industry is maturing to a solid and sustainable alternative in the global energy system. Our products contributes to the transition of the solar industry are fast-growing and profitable industry.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy generation converts the thermal energy of the sun into a usable form. The sun's rays hit the solar thermal collector, which captures the thermal energy of the sun, and transfers the heat to a fluid. This fluid transports the heat to a storage tank from where it is used for applications like domestic hot water or industrial heating processes.
Product Range :
1. Solar Water Heater (ETC type) 2. Solar Water Heater (FPC type)
3. Industrial Solar Water Heating System 4. Solar Water Cooler
5. Swimming Pool Heating Systems 6. Space Heating Systems
7. Solar Distillation Plant  

Solar Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic (PV) is a term used to describe the process of converting sunlight into electricity with or without any moving parts, noise, pollution or fuel. Photo stems from the Greek ‘phos’, signifying light. ‘Volt’ is named from Alessandro Volta (1745 – 1827), a contributor in the study of electricity. Photovoltaic literally means 'electricity from light'.
Product Range :
1. Solar CFL Lantern 2. Solar LED Lantern
3. Solar Torch 4. Solar Garden Llights
5. Multipurpose Solar LED Light 6. Solar Decorative Llights Series
7. Solar CFL Street Light 8. Solar LED Street Light
9. Solar Home & Rural Lighting Systems 10. Solar DC Home Lighting System
11. Solution for Rural Electrification Programme 12. Solution for Farms

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter is one such electronic device, which generates AC current from sunlight. Solar cells convert solar light to DC current and solar inverter converts this DC current to AC current with the help of sun light using solar panels.