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From the dawn of humanity, the sun has served as both a religious and psychological symbol of strength, energy, vitality and almost everything labeled good by the multi-cultural populations that have lived their lives under its rays.

Sunlight is a ubiquitous form of energy, most easily available alternate Energy resources for the people worldwide. From magnifying glasses to steam engines, scientists through the centuries have searched innovative ways to harness the power of the sun. The sun has the power to provide free and renewable energy.  Converting this solar power into electricity and finding domestic energy sources that are less polluting than fossil fuels has always been our primary aim.

Over the years, S4E has brought its expertise of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Integration and Turnkey execution and after sales Service/ Support in both Photovoltaic and Thermal  heating system, globally, directly and through its associates. We provide our clients innovative financial solutions based around solar technologies, to meet the energy needs. Our business model guarantees the greatest value in the industry. By streamlining the installation process and concentrating on volume, and our turnkey offerings will always be the lowest-cost, highest quality in the industry. We work with each client to determine the most appropriate financial commitment. From outright system ownership to one of S4E's unique Green Lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) platforms, each client is matched with the financing option that is best suited to their specific needs and requirements. Our state-of-the-art products promote the use of solar energy as a – a clean, limitless, and free energy source used in place of traditional oil, coal, or electric systems in order to decrease heating expenses and reduce harmful emissions to the environment.

Brighter Benefits of Solar Energy/ Sunny Side of Solar Energy
  • Solar is a low- to no-impact source of clean renewable energy that produces the same electricity as that provided by your utility.
  • Solar Energy is a silent, emissions-free, low-maintenance resource; other than the reduction in your utility expenses, you will never know it is there.
  • With a grid-connected PV solar system, service from your local utility will never be interrupted as a result of system operation.
  • Solar investments are eligible for a variety of federal and state tax benefits.
  • PV solar allows you to capitalize on the dead square footage of your facility – the roof.
  • With current net metering laws, surplus electricity generated by your system during the peak-price daylight hours will be fed into the utility grid, creating a credit on your utility account that can be applied toward the electricity drawn from the grid during low-price evening hours– typically amounting to a credit on your account.
  • PV solar provides an opportunity for an active and tangible demonstration of your commitment to the environmental stewardship of your community.
  • PV solar is a safe and efficient form of distributed generation – a growing concern as increasing demand for electricity continues to put additional stress on an already over-taxed grid.
  • Since PV is the only source of distributed energy that does not require fuel of any kind, solar electricity is the ONLY way to guarantee a fixed rate for electricity consumed over a 20-year period – no other technology can deliver that guarantee.