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Agricultural animals have always made a major contribution to the welfare of human societies by providing food, shelter, fuel, fertilizer and other products and services. They are a renewable resource, and utilize another renewable resource, plants, to produce these products and services. In addition, the manure produced by the animals helps improve soil fertility and, thus, aids the plants. In some rural areas this manure is also utilized as a fertilizer and dried to use as a source of fuel. This organic waste can also be utilised to generate power.

India has immense livestock available, but are in unorganized sector. India is endowed with livestock resources of vast genetic diversity and accounts for about 11 percent of the world livestock population.  Experts have suggested that India’s milking cattle are capable of meeting the increasing demand for milk. Apart from the livestock population India also has abundant land suitable for use as cattle farms. To tap this huge potential available to us, Solutions 4 Energy has made concerted efforts and has structured a planned and revolutionary project- Cattle County.

The government is making concerted efforts to tap the vast export potential of the country’s huge livestock population.Cattle County is a unique project, proposed by us to construct an infrastucture and to resettle and house all the productive animals in Gujarat. With a proposed cattle herd of 15,000 this could be the largest single integrated farm of its kind in India. It will be one such unique habitat for the cows and other milking animals, where they will be provided with a combination of most up-to-date facilities.

The main focus and objectives of this project are:
  • To utilize the unused land for productive and constructive purpose
  • To develop and construct better habitat and healthy environment for the livestock.
  • To raise and make proper use of the by-products obtained from them

Apart from meeting the above objectives, this project will also increase the employment opportunities for the local people and cattle owners.

Notable Community Participation
The project will involve on a full-time basis the owners of cattle. The community members will be involved in the project starting from the concept formation through completion to ensure the transparency of the project activities and the internal evaluation of progress by the cattle owners.

Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
The community will benefit from the more sustainable farming practices through the rational pastor-al lands tenure and conservation of the yield of pastoral ecosystems dependent on the climate change. The proposed activities will enable to reduce such vulnerability and reach the sustainable traditional cattle farming at the project site.

The project will contribute to increasing of percentage of the population dependent on natural resources that have access to the alternative or additional livelihoods.

Facilities Provided
S4E will provide all the infrastructure and housing facility for the Cattle Owners near their Cattle Sheds. Apart from this, Cattle Sheds with Disposal mechanisms of Cattle Dung and facilities like Wash Water, Cattle Urine to Bio-Energy Park will be made available. This unique project will also have a Bio Energy Park for generating Biogas and Fertilizer from the Cattle Dung and organic wastes. The health of all the livestock residing in the county will be our prime concern and to ensure that we have constructed Veterinary Hospitals. The milk obtained from the cattle will be processed and stored in the Dairy Complex. To ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for the community, schools and playgrounds will also be, built up.

With immense confidence in this Business Model, we believe that there is a revolution waiting to happen from the given project scenario. The Business Model we propose is self-sustainable and can assist in the Rural Upliftment process. This project has the potential to prove as a primary step in the process to surpass Brazil as a highest milk-producing nation. Apart from that, we can also promote the medicinal use of cow’s urine in treating severe diseases like Cancer.

With the present full support and blessing of the Ministries involved, we expect this project to be a great success and contribute positively towards self-sufficiency of the nation.

We at S4E always strive to combine community concern with our core business decisions.